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    Hotel Dieci

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04 – 06 SEPTEMBER 2015

The Monza circuit is the “temple of speed” and the fastest track of the entire Formula 1 championship, a sprint that takes your breath long straights that make their way between the Royal Park, interrupted only by a handful of curves and chicanes high speed.

A bit of history:
The first Italian Grand Prix was disputed September 4, 1921 in Montichiari in the province of Brescia, on a circuit made from public roads. The following year it was built the Autodromo Nazionale Monza and since then has always raced on the track in Monza, with the exception of four editions (1937, 1947, 1948 and 1980).

In 1928 there was a serious accident during the race: the pilot Emilio Mattresses lost control of the car on the finish straight and 200 km / h fell into the audience thronged on the track, killing 22 people. Following this tragic event in the two years following the Grand Prix was not held, resuming only in 1931. In 1937 he races at Montenero in Livorno, to return the following year at Monza for the last edition before the War world.

After the war the Grand Prix resumed in 1947: the Monza track, however, was still unusable because of the severe damage caused by war events. It ran so in that year in Milan and in 1948 in Turin. Since 1949, he returned to the track in Monza. In 1950 was established the World Championship Formula 1 and since then the Italian Grand Prix has always belonged: in the early years was even the final race, later were included other races at later dates.

In 1980, following the controversy derived from the accident two years earlier in which he died Ronnie Peterson, the Italian Grand Prix was disputed on the track at Imola. The following year the Italian Grand Prix at Monza returned while Imola was awarded the Grand Prix of San Marino. From then until 2006 they have always played two races on Italian soil.

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